‘who Understands This Love” – Galy Galiano

“She, she says that she loves me

She then later says that she hates me,

She wakes up happy

And the next day she’s upset.

Complacent, indifferent,

Who understands this love?

She, she is very beautiful its true.

She, she is a mystery

I love her with all her defects,

For me, everything is perfect when we are in bed

Who understands this love?

Who understands this love

With everything and for everything,

she is like this

But with everything and for everything,

I love her.

I like seeing her enraged, oh at me

When she turns her back to me, and walks

She makes me lose my mind;

As her dress clings,

She dominates me.

I can’t spend a day without seeing her

I am happy by her side,

She changes everything,

She becomes owner of everything,

With her love.

Who understands this love?

I like seeing her angry; I later make her laugh and she kisses me.

With her caresses she drives me wild,

And with her slights that affect me,

I let her be!

I only want her to live with me,

for this love to be forever.

Because she is my life and my death,

that is what makes her so different.

Who understands this love?

Who understands?”

One of my favorite salsa songs, I think Latino men can be submissive when in love, if not all men.

I think true love makes us all submit, even just a little. For a fleeting moment.

narciso (2)

I miss seeing you throw your head back. pleasure, ecstasy. amusement, laughing.

I miss you seeing you with your hands behind your head. on the couch while talking to me, nonchalant. standing or kneeling down for me, inspection. laying down completely, when I’m taking you to heaven.

Every morning I say a prayer, thanking God for making us 2 generations apart. You would have been my downfall if I knew you when you were 24.

You went to law school the year I was born.

This will sound fucked, but I loved calling you Dad.

I loved it when I felt like baby with you. You loved it when I took control at night and screamed “Daddy” while on top of you.

I know I drive you crazy. Both good and bad. You say I remind you of you; you’re a narcissist so maybe you did love me one day.

how terrible it is to conceal passion.

im sorry you will die without experiencing what it is to love without limitations.

I hope you never marry or have children before we cross paths again

I hope we forget each other so we can have a chance.

There’s no way this is it.

When will I forget you? I dream of those arms wrapping around my waist, making me squirm like a serpent while in your embrace. you dominating me with those big hands, reaching for my sex, cupping it, sliding a finger into me.

I want to whimper for you again,

crumble and gush for you.

open my mouth for you,

swallow your love.