I’ll talk about it

sleeps schedule is all fucked. They tell me I looked stressed, guess the restless nights are beginning to show on my face. everything is really good you know, painful, but in that masochistic way. I'm deriving pleasure from my agony. Ayy... I say "I don't really give a fuck" sometimes out of desperation but truly, [...]

blank slate

three colors to make a new universe or a world, three colors to make something all yours. spread them, splay them, intermesh the vibrant shades; on your palette exists no mistake. on a blank slate, there exist no rules. it should be forbidden to have someone guide you across the canvas dominate your hand . [...]

12/08: COVID, Life

mood/energy Since the year is almost over, I've been thinking a lot about the things I've been grateful for but also of missed opportunities. Some of them excusable, others not that much. Everything is going to be alright in the end! I know so. I trust the process, and the universe. Most importantly, I trust [...]

aún suspiro por ti

aún suspiro por ti, para que mentir la verdad ya no me causa pena, ni temor porque mi unico amor eres tu. anoche soñé contigo, eras mío y también de alguien mas. desperte contemplando mi sueño, tratando de interpretarlo y entender lo que me quería decir. creo que ya se acerca nuestro fin. yo ya [...]