a little story

I said I would write a story, Not sure if it would be a happy or sad one but I promised I would. Its late at night and I am drinking again. Not sure if its to escape reality or to destress while reading and dissecting articles of our impending economical doom. I keep thinking [...]

a task

I have stated more than once on my blog that I won't respond to any inquiries without tribute. My tribute methods are not difficult to find, literally 2 links on my homepage. The reason I require tribute is because upon receiving money, I get notified. I know who my slaves are, so seeing random money [...]

goddess toes

Self-isolation is making me miss getting my perfect toes sucked more than usual 😦 honestly I just want a foot slave after this. A slave boi ready to pamper, massage, kiss, and suckle on my sexy toes whenever and wherever I ask.


I've becoming increasingly independent that it is now out of my comfort and is overwhelming me,. Being independent and self-reliant was something I always boasted and was proud of, but now I don't want it. I would like to know what it feels like to not worry about controlling every aspect of my life, to [...]