I'm a realist, but I love to philosophize and ponder unrealistic ideas. My personality type if INFJ, for those who are interested in knowing. My own life has lead me to live incredible experiences. Some great and enthralling, and others somber and depressing. Because I have lived a full life at 23, nothing can really [...]


Being in love is a state of submission in itself. Loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate is draining and painful, yet we can’t help our emotions. I want out. I don’t enjoy how I feel. My judgment becomes clouded, and I repress my intuition. My mind says I’m stupid for falling for you. I can’t help [...]

stoned thought

I think D/s can be romantic, or is. For me at least, the concept of serving another is an example of humility and the ability to be multifaceted. and I think my ideal partner in life would be someone who could be everything to me, and I to them. is that little too much?

Phallic wielding fuck

I am growing every day more and more resentful towards men. All men do is ruin women’s lives. Men are the shit smeared on the bottom of a pair of shoes. Disgusting, repugnant, and annoying until completely removed. And sometimes complete disposal of the shoe is the only option, which sucks because shoes cost money [...]

slave applications

If I had not approached you previously, the best way to approach me is by writing me a letter (via email/msg/ect.), stating your purpose, how you can serve and what benefit you could bring to my life by being part of it. Not seeking to be a fetish dispenser, and if so, you can request [...]


I truly believe I was born under a lucky star. Everything I've ever truly wanted, I've had. That's not without saying that that includes the not-so-good things too. No matter what tremendous obstacle or difficulty life has given me, I always manage to find a way to work through it. The past year has been [...]