Being in love is a state of submission in itself. Loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate is draining and painful, yet we can’t help our emotions.

I want out.

I don’t enjoy how I feel. My judgment becomes clouded, and I repress my intuition. My mind says I’m stupid for falling for you.

I can’t help but think of the worst, and it seems you enjoy seeing me get on my knees and revere you.

Maybe you think confidently every day that I believe all of the lies, but the truth is I simply play along.

I hate the fact that I’m monogamous emotionally and sexually, that even entertaining the thought of fucking someone else is hard to do. For a fleeting moment it’s there, and then I realize my own truth, and then it’s gone.

I will continue loving you, because I know that I can’t help myself.

I will continue to blindingly love you, because I know that in this life everything you do comes back to you.

stoned thought

I think D/s can be romantic, or is. For me at least, the concept of serving another is an example of humility and the ability to be multifaceted.

and I think my ideal partner in life would be someone who could be everything to me, and I to them.

is that little too much?

Phallic wielding fuck

I am growing every day more and more resentful towards men.

All men do is ruin women’s lives. Men are the shit smeared on the bottom of a pair of shoes. Disgusting, repugnant, and annoying until completely removed. And sometimes complete disposal of the shoe is the only option, which sucks because shoes cost money and that well could have been your favorite shoe.

I think older men are the grossest and worst of the lot. At least (some) young men can offer excellent Ken bodies to play with, or a nice cock with the energy to match. Old men once they get attention they think it’s because they still have some sort of playboy in them. Trust me, hot girls like me would NEVER even look at you unless we think you have money. I mean, you worked hard, right ? You should have money to spend, right ?

The way you eye fuck me disgusts me. I wish you had enough balls to pay me for molesting my Goddess body with your malicious gaze. If you even wanted a shot at me, you should start by saying hi, introducing yourself and probably offering me a fancy dinner or money for simply bothering me.

Don’t forget how gross and outdated you are. That’s why you cheat on your wife to get the thrill. At least use some of your baby boomer capitalist swine money to fund my life in exchange for the privilege of being taken into consideration by me or even recognized by me.

who knows what Love is? 10/02/19

this blog post is inspired by the song by Strawberry Switchblade…

I tend to fall in love with minor things. The rhythm of a song, the smell of certain flora, the smile or laugh of a stranger. It makes me happy to appreciate the details in life, and I hold them dear to my heart because I think each day is a gift and one should find something to be grateful in the trans course of their 24 hour period.

Each memory I make, especially those that bring me to smile, I keep them close to my heart and before I rest my head on my pillow I think of them again. Perhaps due to my empathetic nature, it is very easy for my emotions to be jostled by simple things. Perhaps due to me having nothing for the majority of my life I find value in things one wouldn’t glance over twice.

My life is not average, I am not average. I am not a pro domme, but have the ability to be. I choose to be who I am, and choose to be with certain people….

The people I keep in my life, it is because I love them or care for them deeply. There are very few people I stay in touch with. I want to know that they are happy, and if they are not, I want them to share their emotions with me.

My heart is a big house. But lately I feel it has been your halfway house.

You live here, with support and comfort. But I know your intentions are to leave once you are at your best.

Don’t forget where you came from, don’t forget where you were before and who you were before, and where you were while you worked to become the best person you could be.

Everything that comes around goes around, and maybe one day you will remember the support you had, and that this heart was a home for you and that is no longer yours.

angloamerican men are (tw:raceplay)

  • dumb
  • annoying
  • pussies
  • boring

and meant to be my bitches. You are crazy to even *think* that I would ever love you. I’m with you to see you and make you cry. I fuck up your mind thinking I care and love you, but its all part of my plan.

What is my plan, you ask?

Well, my dear slave, its simply act in a way that makes you believe that you have me, that I am yours, that what we have is unique, to make you feel as IF you were a hot shot. I bet it stokes your bitch ego to think that a hot Latina wants you, and that actually enjoys hanging out with you.

You will mistakingly think I’m content, and you stop trying – because there will come a point where your ego becomes so big, you mistakingly think I am happy and that were happy, and that everything is good, that you are THE man. And you are too stupid and small minded that you won’t realize I’m already looking for fit, smart, upcoming guys my age, or at least 10 years younger than you, to fuck and suck.

I want to see my bitch boyfriend watch me get fucked by a real man. I want my slave to cry while bound, gagged and helpless, watching his “trophy” get pleased immenseley in a way that he knows he never could.

Ideally, my lover will be another latino. And you will see why we are superior. I will make you suck his cock after it was in my tight, young pussy. I will see in your eyes how much you love me, and I will laugh, and he will laugh while throat fucking you.

Why would I love a colonizer, a capitalist, a beneficiary of white privilege? You submit because its the only way you can make it up to me, because you know if you weren’t white you’d be fucking nothing.

Be fucking grateful I grace you with my godliness, bitch.

Now lick my superior brown foot, and stay chaste for me forever.

We don’t need more parasites like you walking around.

Cry for me. Beg for my forgiveness.

They always come back, on their knees and begging

Chrissy is the most satisfactory of the submissives I have encountered. Lawyers are good at lying and omitting the truth… but I’m destined to be one so I’m good at lying too.

I may be young but I am dominant and far more powerful than most women, especially those my age.

Men bow down to me, eager to impress me with their bodies, minds, and souls.

I am a one of a kind Mistress. Empathetic, kind, sensual. Sadistic and intellectual. It is not uncommon for success to follow my sub once engaged with me. Hence why I expect to be spoiled and worshipped in every way.

The best way a man can serve me is by being my pain pig or sissy whore. I dream of my perfect submissive.