I’ll talk about it

sleeps schedule is all fucked. They tell me I looked stressed, guess the restless nights are beginning to show on my face. everything is really good you know, painful, but in that masochistic way. I'm deriving pleasure from my agony. Ayy... I say "I don't really give a fuck" sometimes out of desperation but truly, [...]

ingenua// mortal coil

creencias que todo va salir bien, que al final todo sale igual o mejor de lo que espero ingenua por ligarme a esta creencia? mas cerca de la meta, mas lejos la siento. ingenua, por no percibir que la posibilidad que mis sueños no se realizaran también existe; por creer tanto en mi, me consume [...]

the obligation

You'd hate this but you remind me a lot of my friend. You know, the one that called you boring? But I think its a good thing, since she's been my best friend since I was 12. When we were 17 we had a friend break up and became friends again a few years later, [...]

a man has no brain

They have 2 heads but no brain. The only head that matters is their cock. Well, at least thats the only head that you can appeal to and its the easiest to fool or trick. That little head dictates every mans actions. Men don't think. They just perceive and take action. Best way to fool [...]