stoned thought

I think D/s can be romantic, or is. For me at least, the concept of serving another is an example of humility and the ability to be multifaceted. and I think my ideal partner in life would be someone who could be everything to me, and I to them. is that little too much?

Phallic wielding fuck

I am growing every day more and more resentful towards men. All men do is ruin women’s lives. Men are the shit smeared on the bottom of a pair of shoes. Disgusting, repugnant, and annoying until completely removed. And sometimes complete disposal of the shoe is the only option, which sucks because shoes cost money [...]

slave applications

If I had not approached you previously, the best way to approach me is by writing me a letter (via email/msg/ect.), stating your purpose, how you can serve and what benefit you could bring to my life by being part of it. Not seeking to be a fetish dispenser, and if so, you can request [...]


I truly believe I was born under a lucky star. Everything I've ever truly wanted, I've had. That's not without saying that that includes the not-so-good things too. No matter what tremendous obstacle or difficulty life has given me, I always manage to find a way to work through it. The past year has been [...]


I've becoming increasingly independent that it is now out of my comfort and is overwhelming me,. Being independent and self-reliant was something I always boasted and was proud of, but now I don't want it. I would like to know what it feels like to not worry about controlling every aspect of my life, to [...]

squirty sissy

again same disclosure on my initial post... I wish I had the energy to post this sooner, as I have been wanting to divulge every detail about June 1st - 3rd. That weekend was the most memorable, fun, and eclectic experience I've had to date; I loved every moment of it and it would be [...]