24, JJ Cale (again)

So we've reached the month of March, again (!). No Bone Thugs memes, no memes at all. Officially a year of -this-reality. Probably going to get rid of this website, or downgrade to WordPress url. Haven't had the chance to update my site, surprised at all that I have a little bit of time to [...]

To Many.

Too much. You right? Too much Money. So little heart. Your abundance makes me cautious, and I don't want to talk to you again. Thought the mini-letter was blunt and straight forward. I do not want to talk to a capitalist pig, a money worhshipper. A sinner who knows no other god except his money, [...]


I sit here, anxious, wondering what my choice is going to be. I think though, that regardless of the one I take, it will work out in my favor. Proof that being too ambitious is a bad thing. Not angry, never angry. I still want to go to Europe, maybe once I graduate. If he [...]