so tired I feel high

have you ever reached that point of exhaustion? floaty, running on pure adrenaline. not my natural or preferred state, honestly. im extremely excited for finals to be over and for my birthday, which is coming up :^) ive gotten about 4-5 hours a sleep each night since the weekend, im impressed as always, at the [...]

now what

I seem to always be on my period during midterm and finals week (not very cool @ Nature) I dont cook at all really, during those weeks. maybe breakfast, at the most. Feel pretty proud of myself because I've been able to pace myself pretty well and it looks like most things are playing to [...]


I write in your language, so you'll be able to understand although the words taste much sweeter in my tongue... I dream of your honey eyes, and the nectar that drips from you. sappy, your arms, that chest. I am stuck on you. amber, in a million years what ill become.


no more, excessive, too much. the feelings I feel for, the thoughts I think of, for you, of you, because you. the more I learn, the more I realize that there are limits to passion. you cannot be my sun, my moon, my stars. you cannot give me the sun, the moon, the stars. because [...]

24, JJ Cale (again)

So we've reached the month of March, again (!). No Bone Thugs memes, no memes at all. Officially a year of -this-reality. Probably going to get rid of this website, or downgrade to WordPress url. Haven't had the chance to update my site, surprised at all that I have a little bit of time to [...]

To Many.

Too much. You right? Too much Money. So little heart. Your abundance makes me cautious, and I don't want to talk to you again. Thought the mini-letter was blunt and straight forward. I do not want to talk to a capitalist pig, a money worhshipper. A sinner who knows no other god except his money, [...]


I sit here, anxious, wondering what my choice is going to be. I think though, that regardless of the one I take, it will work out in my favor. Proof that being too ambitious is a bad thing. Not angry, never angry. I still want to go to Europe, maybe once I graduate. If he [...]