Monday, 01/04/21

sorry, not sorry. theres nothing left I want to say to you, theres really nothing left about -us- that should be discussed, you were nice and I won't deny it but its useless to try again. you are better off looking for love elsewhere. amistad es lo unico que te puedo ofrecer. that briefness was [...]


I want to meet your mother, and thank her, for making such a gorgeous and hardworking young man you el machismo transpira en cada cultura im not sorry for making you fall in love with me. Seducing you has been one of my greatest accomplishments You are of a world that I don't understand and [...]


can't believe this is my reality. feels like I won the lottery. I have all the resources I need at the tip of my fingers, I'd be a fool to not take advantage of the best opportunities. Because opportunities, there are plenty and I should allocate my time to the ones that will be the [...]


I am going to captivate you, bewitch you fixated on my valleys, planes, and canyons. My skin, brown sugar My hair, rivers Do I remind you of the Earth? Your whole world...

I’ll talk about it

sleeps schedule is all fucked. They tell me I looked stressed, guess the restless nights are beginning to show on my face. everything is really good you know, painful, but in that masochistic way. I'm deriving pleasure from my agony. Ayy... I say "I don't really give a fuck" sometimes out of desperation but truly, [...]

ingenua// mortal coil

creencias que todo va salir bien, que al final todo sale igual o mejor de lo que espero ingenua por ligarme a esta creencia? mas cerca de la meta, mas lejos la siento. ingenua, por no percibir que la posibilidad que mis sueños no se realizaran también existe; por creer tanto en mi, me consume [...]

que hermosa

"que hermosa" me digo a mi misma frente al espejo acaricio mi pelo, Paseo mis dedos desde mi mentón hacia el sur de mi cuello. no te necesito, pero aveces me imagino que eres tu el que pasea por mis rincones, plaines, et collines, couleur de la terre. cerrando tus ojos dorados, rezándole a un [...]

blank slate

three colors to make a new universe or a world, three colors to make something all yours. spread them, splay them, intermesh the vibrant shades; on your palette exists no mistake. on a blank slate, there exist no rules. it should be forbidden to have someone guide you across the canvas dominate your hand . [...]