Me animas cada mañana que me saludas Gracias por despertarme en las mañanas con tu caloroso abrazo, Besandome la cara con tus rayos. Gracias Por mi tez morena, Por alumbrar mi vida. Quisiera adornarme con tus rayos, para poder resplandecer y compartir tus besos con mi alrededor Usted que da vida a todo en este [...]


tw: DV, rape, nc frustrating to switch between two languages, two mindsets, two world views on a daily basis. while comparing my two worlds, I can begin to pinpoint the reasons why I enjoy hurting the male sex. My favorite Mexican idiom is "amárrate los huevos" Literal translation = tie your balls. What does this [...]


you melt in my mouth like cotton candy. tu beso, dulce y puro como la miel de abeja; cierro mis ojos y me lambo mis labios recordándote y pensando en tu dulzura. eres como algodón de azúcar, immenso y gostoso pero no me llenas. --H

a task

I have stated more than once on my blog that I won't respond to any inquiries without tribute. My tribute methods are not difficult to find, literally 2 links on my homepage. The reason I require tribute is because upon receiving money, I get notified. I know who my slaves are, so seeing random money [...]


I've becoming increasingly independent that it is now out of my comfort and is overwhelming me,. Being independent and self-reliant was something I always boasted and was proud of, but now I don't want it. I would like to know what it feels like to not worry about controlling every aspect of my life, to [...]