the obligation

You'd hate this but you remind me a lot of my friend. You know, the one that called you boring? But I think its a good thing, since she's been my best friend since I was 12. When we were 17 we had a friend break up and became friends again a few years later, [...]

a little story

I said I would write a story, Not sure if it would be a happy or sad one but I promised I would. Its late at night and I am drinking again. Not sure if its to escape reality or to destress while reading and dissecting articles of our impending economical doom. I keep thinking [...]


No eres santo, ni yo una creyente Pero me encuentro otra noche arrodillada ante ti. Mi fantasia es la siguiente: Estoy a gata por ti, mi manos y rodillas plantadas en el piso liso, frio Mi ojos hacia el piso, tus pies enfrente de mi. Aunque yo nunca te he hecho algún mal; Me pienso [...]

walt whitman

Este es mi diario, de los amores de mi vida y mis mas íntimos deseos. Aspiro poder escribir versos hermosos y impactante, para compartirlos y enseñar que bonito se siente amar y adorar. Yo no quise venir a este mundo, no fue mi decision. Pero al fin al cabo estoy aquí. Creci en tierras calientes, [...]


I used to be afraid of looking into a set of blue eyes. They used to intimidate me. I found them frightening, and not beautiful. Whenever I had to meet their gaze, I couldn't help but think afterward how many women and men saw blue before their downfall. I won't lower my own eyes out [...]


tw: DV, nc, rape, abuse B, you are not the gorgeous hunter in the story, but maybe you were in your youth. I am constantly thinking about you, only because I am trying to forget you. H I hate it when a brown or black man leaves his brown or black significant other for a [...]