walt whitman

Este es mi diario, de los amores de mi vida y mis mas íntimos deseos. Aspiro poder escribir versos hermosos y impactante, para compartirlos y enseñar que bonito se siente amar y adorar. Yo no quise venir a este mundo, no fue mi decision. Pero al fin al cabo estoy aquí. Creci en tierras calientes, [...]


The summers between us. The age that I am. At times, I wish that I never met you. At times, I wonder what would be of my life now, if you were never in it. I do not want to owe any of my successes to you. We spoke on Father's Day and we saw [...]


I used to be afraid of looking into a set of blue eyes. They used to intimidate me. I found them frightening, and not beautiful. Whenever I had to meet their gaze, I couldn't help but think afterward how many women and men saw blue before their downfall. I won't lower my own eyes out [...]


Señor, Licenciado, Amor. Que soy yo mas que una tonta niña, profundamente enamorada de Usted. Escribiendote versos en mi cuaderno, suspirando, pensando, en Usted. Si usted fuera mi maestro, lo viera cada día después de clase me sentaria sobre tus piernes, meneandome, solamente para verlo sonrojar y gozare al sentir su pasión duro debajo de [...]

narciso (2)

I miss seeing you throw your head back. pleasure, ecstasy. amusement, laughing. I miss you seeing you with your hands behind your head. on the couch while talking to me, nonchalant. standing or kneeling down for me, inspection. laying down completely, when I'm taking you to heaven. Every morning I say a prayer, thanking God [...]


tw: DV, nc, rape, abuse B, you are not the gorgeous hunter in the story, but maybe you were in your youth. I am constantly thinking about you, only because I am trying to forget you. H I hate it when a brown or black man leaves his brown or black significant other for a [...]