a man has no brain

They have 2 heads but no brain. The only head that matters is their cock. Well, at least thats the only head that you can appeal to and its the easiest to fool or trick. That little head dictates every mans actions. Men don't think. They just perceive and take action. Best way to fool [...]


mood/energy Since the year is almost over, I've been thinking a lot about the things I've been grateful for but also of missed opportunities. Some of them excusable, others not that much. Everything is going to be alright in the end! I know so. I trust the process, and the universe. Most importantly, I trust [...]

aún suspiro por ti

aún suspiro por ti, para que mentir la verdad ya no me causa pena, ni temor porque mi unico amor eres tu. anoche soñé contigo, eras mío y también de alguien mas. desperte contemplando mi sueño, tratando de interpretarlo y entender lo que me quería decir. creo que ya se acerca nuestro fin. yo ya [...]


"Sortilegio" por Antonio Bandu Enchanting woman, Black magic in your stare, You must have a spell you use to bewitch, Your ribbon lips must have red magic, the moment I kiss them they awake my heart. An enchanting love, that dies as soon as it starts. In my life, you have been the greatest mystery [...]


No eres santo, ni yo una creyente Pero me encuentro otra noche arrodillada ante ti. Mi fantasia es la siguiente: Estoy a gata por ti, mi manos y rodillas plantadas en el piso liso, frio Mi ojos hacia el piso, tus pies enfrente de mi. Aunque yo nunca te he hecho algún mal; Me pienso [...]


Growing pains all throughout March-May, and things are finally settling a bit. I gave myself no break, going hard as ever working and then immediately enrolling in summer courses. Do I regret it? No. Even with COVID, life has not really slowed down or been slightly less stressful. Thanks to my tenacity, and choices from [...]