24, JJ Cale (again)

So we've reached the month of March, again (!). No Bone Thugs memes, no memes at all. Officially a year of -this-reality. Probably going to get rid of this website, or downgrade to WordPress url. Haven't had the chance to update my site, surprised at all that I have a little bit of time to [...]

To Many.

Too much. You right? Too much Money. So little heart. Your abundance makes me cautious, and I don't want to talk to you again. Thought the mini-letter was blunt and straight forward. I do not want to talk to a capitalist pig, a money worhshipper. A sinner who knows no other god except his money, [...]


I sit here, anxious, wondering what my choice is going to be. I think though, that regardless of the one I take, it will work out in my favor. Proof that being too ambitious is a bad thing. Not angry, never angry. I still want to go to Europe, maybe once I graduate. If he [...]


announcement: if anyone would like to Venmo/Cashapp me $80-$100 so I can buy top shelf tomorrow, that would be greattttt... $Missush/@hnl777 01/12 Today was okay, it was really cold so I woke up at 7am only to go back to bed in the next hour. The hardwood floors do a good job of keeping my [...]

Monday, 01/04/21

sorry, not sorry. theres nothing left I want to say to you, theres really nothing left about -us- that should be discussed, you were nice and I won't deny it but its useless to try again. you are better off looking for love elsewhere. amistad es lo unico que te puedo ofrecer. that briefness was [...]


I want to meet your mother, and thank her, for making such a gorgeous and hardworking young man you el machismo transpira en cada cultura im not sorry for making you fall in love with me. Seducing you has been one of my greatest accomplishments You are of a world that I don't understand and [...]


can't believe this is my reality. feels like I won the lottery. I have all the resources I need at the tip of my fingers, I'd be a fool to not take advantage of the best opportunities. Because opportunities, there are plenty and I should allocate my time to the ones that will be the [...]


I am going to captivate you, bewitch you fixated on my valleys, planes, and canyons. My skin, brown sugar My hair, rivers Do I remind you of the Earth? Your whole world...