I’ll talk about it

sleeps schedule is all fucked. They tell me I looked stressed,

guess the restless nights are beginning to show on my face.

everything is really good you know, painful, but in that masochistic way. I’m deriving pleasure from my agony. Ayy…

I say “I don’t really give a fuck” sometimes out of desperation but truly, its different.

I care.

this is everything for me. God knows I’m trying

I’ve tumbled hard enough

numerous times over

to not make me this work.

for me. its all for me.

I am the exception.

continuously exploring, exploiting this given environment

Excavating gold mines of previous experiences

sometimes yours, but mostly mine.

I thrive.

I am exceptional,

Magnanimous – me.

The glass is always full. Your mind is what you perceive.

the sky is the limit, I believe it to be

I am testament to the fact,

so you know it has to be true

“the rose that grew from concrete”

“big shot”

me 🙂

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