the obligation

You’d hate this but you remind me a lot of my friend. You know, the one that called you boring? But I think its a good thing, since she’s been my best friend since I was 12. When we were 17 we had a friend break up and became friends again a few years later, and COVID brought us again to the start. Maybe that might imply something [for us].

the obligation of writing something before bed.

I had a generally successful day today. I thought my world was about to be over because I missed an assignment in my class that doesn’t have make ups, but I sent the professor a well worded email and they let me take it. Although I will only be able to get 50% of the points max. I guess something is better than nothing. I’m on the verge of getting an A-…. I really want straight As and know thats not impossible for me. Just takes work, but the things that you want the most sometimes does take tremendous amount of energy and effort.

I have more I want to write, but I’m sleeping. It was been a decent weekend. Time to manifest my best life.

Buenas noches

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