“fuck my face”

fuck my face

fuck my throat

fuck my holes

mark them

they are only yours

piss in my mouth

im your toilet

slap me

make me cry

humiliate me

bring me to my knees

remind me that im nothing

yet everything ,

for You

put me on pedestal

then take me down

abuse me

amuse me

make me believe im only yours.

rape me

make me cry

while youre inside,

slap me,

grasp my chin and look into my eyes

tell me,

“youre only mine”

make me cry

fuck me

take me

make me yours.

brand me

piss on me

mark me yours.

pump my throat

cover my face

I can see that you’re using me.

straddle me

take me in your arms

fuck me


no necesito que me digas que me abusas, que me usas,

como una toalla de kleenex




que adoro ver tu verga rosada resbalar

adentro y afuera

como una maldita fantasma,

como un perverso dios

te adoro.

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