a man has no brain

They have 2 heads but no brain. The only head that matters is their cock. Well, at least thats the only head that you can appeal to and its the easiest to fool or trick. That little head dictates every mans actions.

Men don’t think. They just perceive and take action.

Best way to fool one? Just look incredibly appetizing. You could look like Jessica Rabbit, but that won’t appeal to every little head but it will appeal to most. Seems to be most effective for the most basic of male specimens (not true “alphas”), the ones you use quickly and toss just as fast. Men perceive, they don’t think. My body and mind are my greatest weapons when demolishing those tiny heads, a good perfume is my greatest accessory. When you go into a house, what is more appealing: the smell of burnt and charred something or the pleasant aroma of something that promises to be sweet? I’m partial to gourmand fine perfumes, but I have an androgynous scent that drives men wild. A tantalizing smell hooks him but when accompanied by a outfit that compliments my divine curves, I am ready to go for the kill.

Sometimes I wonder why that is, I think its because the scent alludes to the possibility that I am similar to them (ALL men are narcissists). Or even subconsciously makes them think that there is competition (which there always is lol).

I don’t play with boys anymore. Maybe ill toy with them for a moment, but just for the hell of it.

As for older men? I make them work even harder for the privilege to gaze at me, because I’m a Goddess and my skin mimics the splendor of gold. They know its an honor to be seen with me, to be by my side. I’m an absolute queen. I may not own any Prada (yet!), but I make my clothes look worth hundreds, even thousands. Just because its on me and I make everything work in my favor.

My laugh is orgasmic, suggestive. I don’t intend it to be. I know I got them by the balls with just a glance or suggestive toss of the head. Crossing my legs. “Listening” intently. Gazing into their eyes. If I’m feeling especially daring, I might even spark a debate. Nothing gets a man more hard than a woman with a sharp wit and charm.

I’m not intimidated by you.

His little head will plead, beg, to do whatever it takes to get close with me. Smell me. Bed me.

By this time I’m his drug and he hasn’t even tried me. I got him high and he’s desperate for a bigger fix.

The more experienced will play along, and I know it. But they all eventually cave and show their desperation.

I love seeing their big heads cry. I enjoy knowing I make their little head leaky, even without ever seeing it.

I always win.

I let men go, they don’t let go of me. He is gone from my life because I no longer want him in it. Its a privilege to met me, know me. I haunt their lives forever. They’ll always itch for that high, but I’m the only supplier.

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