blank slate

three colors to make a new universe or a world,

three colors to make something all yours.

spread them,

splay them,

intermesh the vibrant shades;

on your palette exists no mistake.

on a blank slate, there exist no rules.

it should be forbidden to have someone guide you across the canvas

dominate your hand .

Own the brush, own your work.

You’ll find your own rhythm,

Masters were once beginners too.

Your world, you own it already

(just start)

Stroke the canvas, once

or a hundred times,

fill the texture,

or stop halfway.

unfinished work can be worth millions



a hand with surgical precision is commendable,

matching our plane of existence with the one on the blank slate,

but those who are remembered create new universes,

portals to an unknown place,

those works withstand the test of time,

and entice the most logical eyes.

three colors, a blank slate.

its all in your head.

the world is mine.

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