to you, the individualist

kick back your feet, recline.

your hands are behind your head. you look up at the ceiling.

big deep breathe. exhale

who are you sighing for?

for yourself, because youre tired of it all

for someone who tugs on your heart

its those lonely nights that don’t make it all worth it

but at the same time that loneliness justifies it all

funny how moments like these are luxurious


they make you feel like maybe,


it has all been for nothing

how lucky you are,

to have no one immediately depend on you,

to have a sacred space for yourself

what defines you?

looking at the numbers, you’re satisfied.


waking up, make your bed.

watch the news.


grab the car keys,

you’re out the door.

you’re in the office again.


the loneliness,

it gnaws at you,

so you’re out again.

a walk, a bike ride. anything to escape the feeling of being


a million and one thoughts run through your head,

sometimes none at all.

you glance at the arbitrary numbers on your phone,


you go to bed.

hit your head on the pillow,

fall asleep.


its those lonely nights that make it all worth it,

solitude that justifies it all

years and years of the same routine

you can never have it all.

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