musica dominguera

que mas puedo escribir,

si lo que mas me inspira eres tu

que me crucifiquen,

por dedicate mis versos, palabras y fragmentos

nacidas de mi enorme corazón.

que me crucifiquen,

por darte todos mis besos, tiernas caricias y amor,

que el único dueño de mi passion eres tu.

y si algún día nos llegaremos a separar,

siempre llegaras a recordarte de mi.

en una triste canción,

en un libro, suspiro

te acordaras de mi.

y vas a someter al comprender

que nadie te amara

como yo, jamas.


As I listen to Luis Miguel, Raphael, among other prominent Latin singers from the 90s and 80s, I realize that most of my poetry is inspired by their songs which are musings over love.

So to preserve my culture, I write to you. Maybe one of my poems will turn into a song lol. They seem pretty gender neutral to me.

You hope that I write of other things, and I do. But they are too personal to let others read and I’m reserving them for open mic.

I know we will see each other soon. I know you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed you. Can’t wait to hold your hand again. I love you.



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