in a dream

Every time I listen to boleros,

it is as if the strings of the guitar were made of my heart instead of alloy.

each melodic strum teasing me;

and the languish, the yearning, its passionate lyrics reminiscent of this love

with every caress of the strings,

and the singer’s sincerity;

all of it reminds me of you.

listening to the melodies

each and every night before bed


you will visit me in a dream

so I can gaze into your eyes again

because they are my morning and North Star.

the songs and this poem only confirm what we both know – you are my greatest love

If you are reading this, I want you to know that I am more than happy to part ways forever. I am going to excel and reach heights that I may or may not be able to reach with you. Though it would be lovely to be by your side forever, I’d rather be on my own so you can’t claim any of my accomplishments as a product of your support. I achieved a lot on my own before you ever came into my life and that will continue to be the case with or without you.

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