why would you do that?

why would you come to my house, unannounced? No one gave you permission to do that.

As you can probably imagine, I am irritated. I have been since yesterday evening.

What’s really the kicker is the fact that you triggered me. You obviously haven’t cared enough to gently ask questions about my past relationship, the one that ruined me. Because the truth is you don’t really care to know… it makes you uncomfortable to hear all the sad things I have gone through before I even turned 20.

Like every adult white person in America, you have not really fought to be where you are. You cannot relate to another’s suffering. Fool I am to ever think you could understand.

How dare you expect my time at a moments notice.

What have you really given me to deserve that? Nothing. Nothing significant yet, anyways.

What would I consider significant? You on both knees. Or one.

I am a muse, creative, ethereal. Spiritual, and content. Young, optimistic. You keep me because I’m everything you are not.

I’m upset and bored with you. And now paranoid. Seeing you did not do my soul justice, it only made me question your sudden appearance. Why didn’t you text me you were on your way to see me? Why didn’t you call? Why would you do what you did?

Your action only makes me suspicious.

Are you tracking my phone? Do you think I sleep with other men? If I did, trust me these type of things would only make me laugh, and not phase me.

Why would you make me upset. Unknowingly, but I am very distraught by your lack of consideration.

I know I don’t need you. Not then, not now, not ever. Every relationship is an exchange of things; we are all inherently sellers and buyers. I feel that you are getting the most, for doing the least. Your words honestly hold no value to me… so boring. If you were in a different area of law, I am sure you would be a failure.

One day, you will hear me speak and you will fall to your knees, finally realizing that I am the Supreme Power you seek. I am the God that will make you a believer.

You are more useless than you realize.

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A chameleon, constantly adapting but remaining true to my values. Dominant Latinx, Artist, and (wannabe) Aesthetic Philosopher. Musing about love and D/s, occasionally reminiscing on past affairs and experiences. Ageless.

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