Growing pains all throughout March-May, and things are finally settling a bit.

I gave myself no break, going hard as ever working and then immediately enrolling in summer courses.

Do I regret it? No. Even with COVID, life has not really slowed down or been slightly less stressful. Thanks to my tenacity, and choices from the beginning of the year/end of last, 2 opportunities that I have been manifesting have now presented themselves in the past week!
I have a certain plan for my life and I definitely have goals that I want to reach within now and the next year.

I will be living between X city during the week and LA on the weekends, I will be working in the sector that I have been networking and immersing myself in. By this time next year, I anticipate getting a few small cosmetic procedures done to bring out my natural beautiful a little more šŸ™‚

Man, I am so looking forward to different problems, and not the ones I am currently facing. Which are minimal, and baby shit – therefore, not problems that are worth dealing with.

Everything I have ever wanted, I have had.

One of my ex-boyfriends even wrote that to me in one of his last messages to me. “Tu alguna vez dijiste, que se te cumple todo lo que quieres en la vida. Y ya veo que es cierto”. He sent that after I broke up and moved states away lol. And he wasn’t wrong though! My life dramatically improved after I left him, I was shocked. I should have lavished in those first months of freedom longer, and better.

He still is the most meaningful relationship I’ve ever had, in a bad way. There are days, weeks, months even that I don’t think about him. But my trigger dates are approaching, so I’m controlling my thoughts in this way.

You truly create your own reality.

My reality is that I am destined to be successful, loved, and memorable.

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