sin titulo

I want to dance,

I want my dress to cling to my body,

I want you to watch.

I want you to love and adore me,

desire me,

sing and read to me,

until I fall asleep.

I have a jewelry box,

full of beating hearts

yours is not in it.

Me hiciste llorar,

y mi hiciste recordar

que no soy suficiente.

I want to dance with others,

and smile and laugh



make you desire me

No volvere amar asi

y espero

que valores

y guardes

este grande amor

que sostuve por ti

Te amo

sin cesar

sin questionar

los miles de crimenes

que has hecho

contra mi

y a mi corazon


y alma

me tienes trastornada



por ti

que veneno me diste

por que la inocencia que tengo se va desvaneciendo

si quieres que sea mala

sere tu diabla

dame tu mano

y baila conmigo

este bals

de mentiras y pasión.

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A chameleon, constantly adapting but remaining true to my values. Dominant Latinx, Artist, and (wannabe) Aesthetic Philosopher. Musing about love and D/s, occasionally reminiscing on past affairs and experiences. Ageless.

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