I am retiring my running shoes, Nike Zoom Pegasus, in size 8.

However, as a Goddess, I would like to give a slave bitch the opportunity to have them, to use as objects of worship.

My stats: 5’5 ft/168 cm, 135 lb/61 kg

I am a Southern Californian Brown Queen, love to be active and treat my body extremely well. I believe my maintenance of my body and skin makes me worthy of worship. Therefore, the shoes that are blessed by feet are worthy of worship as well.

My average runs are about 3 miles, I run approximately 3-5 times a week.

I love how my sweaty feet smell, not gross, but pungently sweet like me 🙂

Would love to have a foot bitch worship my trash and treasure it.

Running Shoes

Women's Nike Zoom Running Shoes, size 8. Retiring them as they no longer service my Feet as well as they did. Used by me to pound pavement and dirt trails for miles. Please email me or contact me in my form so I can ship them out to you. Extra charge if international. Will be used for jogging one last week prior to sending.


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