tes yeux

I can’t stop thinking about them. I would love to bask in their golden-green radiance again.

Have you ever read Love in Times of Cholera? Neither have I. I think we should write a book about our love, even if its fiction.

I’m happy you were brought into my life. You remind me that I love challenges and how good I am at overcoming them.

Sometimes I’m not sure if I love you or my idealization of you. If we ever live together, I would probably change your name to “Dad” in my contacts. It is so sad that we lost the essence of what we had. I’m scared that when I see you, I’ll realize that I don’t love you anymore. I want you in my heart forever, because once your out you’ll never be able to find a way back in.

Will we work? If we stay together, no. If not 1, 2, or 3 years from now, then perhaps in another life. My foolish dream: that it will only take one year to forget you and meet you again.

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A chameleon, constantly adapting but remaining true to my values. Dominant Latinx, Artist, and (wannabe) Aesthetic Philosopher. Musing about love and D/s, occasionally reminiscing on past affairs and experiences. Ageless.

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