I’m a realist, but I love to philosophize and ponder unrealistic ideas.

My personality type if INFJ, for those who are interested in knowing.

My own life has lead me to live incredible experiences. Some great and enthralling, and others somber and depressing.

Because I have lived a full life at 23, nothing can really surprise me and I can’t be easily fooled. My first serious relationship was with someone who was dominant, but neither of us knew about BDSM or the Lifestyle. He controlled every aspect of my life, what I could and couldn’t wear, restricted who I could talk to etc. etc. and he would gaslight me. Anyways, point being I was in abusive relationship and I vowed I wouldn’t allow myself to be in one again nor subject someone to the same tactics that I was subject to.

So why do you men push me to be that? I don’t want to be who I am not. Loving me is half of true submission, the other half is training and molding a submissive into my version of the perfect man.

Thats how I view it. Like this isn’t just about kinks for me, and wearing all that leather/latex/sexy shit that mainstream media likes to shit out.

I’m not like other females. Just because my life is so unique I know nobody has ever lived a life similar to me. My life has molded me into who I am today, and what I want is to build a life with someone and mold him into my perfect partner.

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