Kicking guys in the balls ,

Is the most fun thing to do in heels.

I can’t wait to do it again! I get so happy and get into domme mode so fast. It is sad that not all men can tolerate a delicious and perfect knee right at the base of their cock, spreading and seperating each testicle right in the middle of where they meet.

2 thoughts on “Kicking guys in the balls ,

  1. I will Always reciprocate. Having surrendering my masculine majority. to the superior feminine qualities I have always acknowledged and secretly embraced. I understand the frustration better than most submissive males
    You are becoming more important in my life as every second of precious time ticks away into Herstory. My story loyally dedicated to Superior Feminine Perfection. I am emulating this very moment. For I too am a lover of life. I Have always been Respectful, envious and a great admirer of the beautiful strong Superior Woman.


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