Phallic wielding fuck

I am growing every day more and more resentful towards men.

All men do is ruin women’s lives. Men are the shit smeared on the bottom of a pair of shoes. Disgusting, repugnant, and annoying until completely removed. And sometimes complete disposal of the shoe is the only option, which sucks because shoes cost money and that well could have been your favorite shoe.

I think older men are the grossest and worst of the lot. At least (some) young men can offer excellent Ken bodies to play with, or a nice cock with the energy to match. Old men once they get attention they think it’s because they still have some sort of playboy in them. Trust me, hot girls like me would NEVER even look at you unless we think you have money. I mean, you worked hard, right ? You should have money to spend, right ?

The way you eye fuck me disgusts me. I wish you had enough balls to pay me for molesting my Goddess body with your malicious gaze. If you even wanted a shot at me, you should start by saying hi, introducing yourself and probably offering me a fancy dinner or money for simply bothering me.

Don’t forget how gross and outdated you are. That’s why you cheat on your wife to get the thrill. At least use some of your baby boomer capitalist swine money to fund my life in exchange for the privilege of being taken into consideration by me or even recognized by me.

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