angloamerican men are (tw:raceplay)

  • dumb
  • annoying
  • pussies
  • boring

and meant to be my bitches. You are crazy to even *think* that I would ever love you. I’m with you to see you and make you cry. I fuck up your mind thinking I care and love you, but its all part of my plan.

What is my plan, you ask?

Well, my dear slave, its simply act in a way that makes you believe that you have me, that I am yours, that what we have is unique, to make you feel as IF you were a hot shot. I bet it stokes your bitch ego to think that a hot Latina wants you, and that actually enjoys hanging out with you.

You will mistakingly think I’m content, and you stop trying – because there will come a point where your ego becomes so big, you mistakingly think I am happy and that were happy, and that everything is good, that you are THE man. And you are too stupid and small minded that you won’t realize I’m already looking for fit, smart, upcoming guys my age, or at least 10 years younger than you, to fuck and suck.

I want to see my bitch boyfriend watch me get fucked by a real man. I want my slave to cry while bound, gagged and helpless, watching his “trophy” get pleased immenseley in a way that he knows he never could.

Ideally, my lover will be another latino. And you will see why we are superior. I will make you suck his cock after it was in my tight, young pussy. I will see in your eyes how much you love me, and I will laugh, and he will laugh while throat fucking you.

Why would I love a colonizer, a capitalist, a beneficiary of white privilege? You submit because its the only way you can make it up to me, because you know if you weren’t white you’d be fucking nothing.

Be fucking grateful I grace you with my godliness, bitch.

Now lick my superior brown foot, and stay chaste for me forever.

We don’t need more parasites like you walking around.

Cry for me. Beg for my forgiveness.

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