What I seek in a partner

ive been feeling really blue lately, out of touch with who I perceive myself to be. I know I am stronger and more capable than most people I know, men and women alike. I have been frustrated, and have been wanting to be more submissive more than ever. I have so many responsibilities and there is no safety net I can fall back on, I do whatever it takes to get by. I guess I’m a switch because I adore being top bitch but also just being directed what to do.

Many men admire this quality about me, especially older men. Honestly, I’ve been feeling very asexual lately. I seek an emotional connection that is reciprocated, with someone who is attracted to me as much as I am with them. The most important physical attributes is for them to be over 5’10, able-bodied, and strong (if I am stronger than you than nah, because I like piggy back rides). I don’t think I want to pursue a romantic relationship right now. But if there was a man who really wanted to be with me, he would sacrifice and do everything possible to make it so. That is what is most attractive to me, a man of action not a man of words. Promises mean nothing to me, do it now or just leave me alone.

What makes you think I need you? I don’t need anybody. But if I come across a man that makes me feel like a need him, who takes the time to know me, then I would reciprocate the feelings. And I am very emotionally invested once I feel it is safe to do so.

Please do not approach me if there is nothing in your life that has been a success, or theres nothing you have accomplished that you are extremely proud of. Older men, I expect more from you. If youre married or been married prior, you definitely need to understand that I expect 110% from you no exceptions.

I am writing this semi buzzed, but that is because I have been sad as I broke off my relationship with my last sub. He was great but lacked communication skills. Dommes can’t read minds, that is an absolute fantasy. Also a d/s realtionship isn’t solely sex, I think its a combination of everything and power exchange. And thats what I want.

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A chameleon, constantly adapting but remaining true to my values. Dominant Latinx, Artist, and (wannabe) Aesthetic Philosopher. Musing about love and D/s, occasionally reminiscing on past affairs and experiences. Ageless.

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