I truly believe I was born under a lucky star.

Everything I’ve ever truly wanted, I’ve had. That’s not without saying that that includes the not-so-good things too. No matter what tremendous obstacle or difficulty life has given me, I always manage to find a way to work through it. The past year has been a huge developmental period for me, and now I really feel like I have grown into a woman.

For the past month I’ve been dealing with such a stressful situation that I actually masturbated a couple times per week to relieve the tension I had built up, when I usually only self-console no more than 3 times a month. My slaves mouth was too busy litigating in a court far, far, away and our schedules just made it impossible for both of us. And when I did see him I was way too mentally drained to want to make a scene and play with him, even though I really wanted. My headspace was just not there.

Today was a big day for me, another definitive step into adulthood and toward complete autocracy.

The situation I had been dealing with for a while now had me anxious and depressed to the point that I was not feeling like a domme.

With my situation addressed and solved, I feel very much relieved and on top of the world, again.

Can’t wait to make various men my willing bitches. But mostly looking forward for my slave to come back from his hiking trip, so I can share the news with him and also play out a scene I had been planning for awhile.

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