your money means nothing if you’re not spending it

ask yourself… really ask yourself WHY a 23 years young, hot, intelligent Latina would even consider dating you.

The answer of course, is money.

You can flap your mouth all you want about your business endeavors, how big your company is, the places you go, experiences you can offer, etc., etc.

Sure, it does grab ones attention when these things are slipped coyly into conversation. But know that each single thing you tell me is stored in my memory.

Mmm… tallying up and counting the few power flexes I would say you are a billionaire or very close to being one.

If you’re that rich and you’re married? Goddamn, you bet your ass I’m going to demand you to deliver and expect nothing less than excellent.

Love coming from a rich white man means nothing, you won’t even leave your wife because you don’t want to spare the expense. You say its for your children but we both know thats not the real reason.

The past week I had been thinking the situation over, really thinking as to why I liked you very much. I guess part of me liked you stroking my ego about how successful I’m going to be and talking about future scenarios for us. I know patience is a virtue and I know that good things comes to those who wait; those two things made me think that perhaps this was real.

The past two weeks I had been thinking about us and also going through a toughhhh spot. I’m not one to go into detail with my personal situations because I know my life experience is just too unique and bizarre for anyone to be able to relate.

I recall a few weeks I went to go see another sub and on my way I was talking to my Lyft driver and he was telling me about a passenger he once had who was telling him about how many girls he was seeing. My driver said the passenger told him, “I just tell them what they want to hear”. That was the first signal the universe was telling me to cut him off. I had always told NY that I only ask for him to not mess with my feelings, that they’re more than enough girls to do that with and I didn’t deserve that. He swore that he wouldn’t lie to me and that “that is not the case”. I still wasn’t able to shake the feeling he was; I know it is very well in his means. The second came when I invited my friend over to check out my new place.

Albeit, I was a bit drunk and asked her what she thought of NY, since she had actually met him the night he took us to Catch. She was like, “Honestly Hollie I don’t know why you like him so much.”. To be honest I had time trying to find an answer, or at least one that made sense. I think I said I didn’t know. I then told her that I thought he was just fucking with me, that its too far fetched to be a genuine emotion he feels for me – she says that he probably has a girl here and Florida, he does a little fling and then moves onto the next that he never will leave his wife because rich people do weird shit like agree to an open relationship. She said that his wife probably finds about something every once in awhile, throws a tantrum and he buys he something expensive to shut her up. Sounds about right.

The third would be the Jeffrey Epstein trail, just a testament to the crazy shit elites do and get away with. And I’m not saying NY was like Epstein.. but just know he’s up there gives me nausea.

When you know I was struggling why didn’t you help me out? We both know it’s in your means. I know a grand is like 100 dollars for you.

Honestly the most giving men I have met are upper middle class.

I do not feel bad because there is nothing you have done that was an act of love or unselfishness

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