squirty sissy

again same disclosure on my initial post…

I wish I had the energy to post this sooner, as I have been wanting to divulge every detail about June 1st – 3rd. That weekend was the most memorable, fun, and eclectic experience I’ve had to date; I loved every moment of it and it would be a complete shame if I didn’t share.

Hope to make many of you sissies’ clitty twitch :*

A little background story… I had my first submissive when I was 22. A successful attractive man, a freak, a nasty ho. A man who as a sissy gave no fucks, energetic – there was never a dull moment with him. Lets call him Christina.

For x reason, we went on a hiatus and just stopped talking. Which was for the best, because I was going through a personal difficulty. After perhaps 9 months of not talking, he sends me an email signed with his real name, subject : “Has mistress been served better?”.

I was annoyed, but really wanted to see him again. Christina exudes sissy/submissive energy and I love that. I replied, asked him why he was contacting me again when we left in non speaking terms, to which he replied, “I came back withclitty hanging between my legs, begging mistress for another chance”. Super hot, definitely fed my ego and it would be a lie if I said that was not one of the factors that made me decide to see him again.

What could be hotter than power exchanging with a man who’s twice your age who works your dream job, spends money on you without flinching, and is physically attractive? Even though Christina can be sassy and bratty, I have a soft spot for her being the first bitch that degrades itself for me. I remember picking her outfit our first time together…

Okay I digress.

We met up at the parking lot of a local sex shop. I told him that he better pick the most stripper slutty attire to wear underneath a casual outfit, as of course, the point is for him to remind him who he really is underneath his professional clothes. A white whore. I chose a cute outfit for myself, nothing too special but I know I look good in all my outfits. I arrived to the lot, the axles of my car are fucked so I was readjusting my parking and that when I see Christina come in with it’s Mercedes-Benz. I finish park my car, again, and just sit in my car thinking, “Damn, I’m really going to hang out with this bitch again. Let’s see how this goes”. Christina peers into my car and waves at me and I smile back. As I get out of my car to get into his I notice its all busted. The right side mirror, cracked with glass missing. The gas panel, fucked too. Whatever, so I get into his car and this man cannot stop grinning at me, and I knew it was because I looked fucking HOT. Even hotter than when he saw me last. What a lucky sissy, what a privilege to be my first white slutty sissy ass – to serve me, entertain me, and to be in my presence. Maybe I was far too lenient, perhaps I should not have given that chance again but my little sissy really proved how sorry she was for displeasing me.

But first, we had to break Christina out of her shell. Wasn’t difficult for one to notice she was nervous. So I put my hand on her thigh and tell her its okay, that I understand she’s nervous and to talk it out. Apparently, my sissy slave hasn’t played since she last saw me and could no longer keep its submissive cravings bottled up.

Image result for sissification

*more to come 😉 keep in mind this was 2 nights and 3 mornings.*

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