Initial Entry

I wouldn’t know where to begin or how to introduce myself, as my life has been shaped by unique experiences that are SOLELY mine and what make me… well Me. I believe the best way would be for me to progressively paint a picture of who I am as a domina will be through these posts.

Disclosure: Names will be changed, some localities will be excluded. I will pursue legal action if any of my writings are reposted and/or published without permission from the author.

These are My own lived experiences I want to share.

May 21st, 2019

I was in the Lyft that my submissive had ordered for me. It was traffic hour so I had extra time to think and go over what we were going to do. Within that 45-60 minute drive, I was determined that this would be the night that I would piss on him.

He had already been wearing his chastity device for me to his office, and my diligent slave had always sent me a picture of him in his clitty cage prior to going into his office and another one in the evening, so I could give him permission to take it off for the evening. My obedient sub bitch had truly earned this golden shower.

By the time I arrived to his condo, I was exceptionally ecstatic to see him again because of what I had planned for later. He probably thought that I was really happy to see him after a month (one thing or another always came up last minute on either of our ends), but the truth is that I was just eager to use him as my toilet later. He could not take his eyes off me – he looked at me not with lust, but extreme adoration.
Who can blame him when I dressed exceptionally sexy tonight to make sure that he would eagerly say ,”Yes Mistress!” to each of my commands, no matter the request…

We arrived at the restaurant and about 15 minutes after getting seated, he tells me he is currently wearing his clitty cage. Now, my sub is very skittish; he is like 45 and scared of getting exposed for being the total bitch that he is, so public D/s interactions have been few and rare. For my submissive to take this initiative was very refreshing and appreciated. He still glanced over his shoulders and lowered his voice to make sure no one heard him, which was quite unnecessary in my opinion due to the fact no one around us was paying us any mind, but I digress. Something my subbie will get over with time.

Later, we arrived to his place after our date. I sat on his couch and commanded him to take off my heels and to fetch me a drink afterward. He happily obliged, as I am sure he imaged a foot worship was in order soon. Just as he got out of sight I slipped out of my tight jeans so he could properly worship both my pretty legs and feet. I sat upright with my legs extended across the couch, waving him to come sit next to my pedicured toes. He gave me my drink and asked me if there was anything else he could do, “Mistress”. I smiled and told him to get the oil so he could massage my toes up to my thighs. He quickly went to fetch it and once back, proceeded to massage with great care each toe, and every inch of my feet. He was still in his dress shirt and jeans – cock cage underneath. I still hadn’t seen it yet.

At this time, I had an urge to empty my bladder. Instead of telling him that I would be back in a moment, I told him to follow me upstairs. Still clothed, he follows me to his bedroom. And I tell him to strip and to show me his clitty cage.

He eagerly does so. There he stands, a professional older man turned a white bitch for me, for my entertainment and happiness. Naked with a cock caged and closed padlock, just for me! I opened the door to his onsuite and told him to go lay in the tub.

I’m not sure if he knew 100% what was going on, but after he got in I crouched over his chest and told him I was going to pee on him. I always had the hardest time peeing on someone, I had never managed to do it, but this night I did. I closed my eyes, disassociating for a moment and before I knew it my golden nectar was streaming out. My submissive was smiling at me as I was pissing onto his chest and then looking at my pussy, which I was looking at also in disbelief and joy that I actually managed to do it for the first time in my life!

After I finished peeing, I told him to clean me up with his tongue. I was still crouched over him, my brown, godly pussy hovering over his face. I let him lick me for a few minutes with me crouched over him like that, satisfied with the moment.


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