Your birthday

If you were me, and I were you;

I would be constantly woo-ing you, making You smile and blush.

I want to be brush you use at night before bed, the sandals you put on in the morning. I want to be the first thing your perfect feet step on.

You would be my muse. I would do anything for you. I would do anything to keep you happy. Even if that meant letting you go

I know you don’t love me the same way I love you.

I would put my world at your feet.

You truly are the devil

a task

I have stated more than once on my blog that I won’t respond to any inquiries without tribute.

My tribute methods are not difficult to find, literally 2 links on my homepage.

The reason I require tribute is because upon receiving money, I get notified. I know who my slaves are, so seeing random money in my account concerns me enough to check my email inboxes to see what new potential boi/gurl is seeking my attention.

A lot of your messages are getting swept under the rug, simply because you are not putting your best foot forward.

I will not settle for less. Tribute it REQUIRED in order to get a response from me. $10 is like the equivalent to a drink. Or would you not buy a drink for me if we were on a date? lol.

Smart men tribute

Impressive men go above and beyond, simply to flex and to pleasure me.

I have a purchase PayPal link, which is a secure method of tributing.

I get phone notifications for all tribute methods; Venmo, Cashapp, and Paypal

Once more

Venmo: hnl777

cash app: missush

to look me up by email, it is:

Many of you are telling me about your successful careers, I do not care about your money and power unless you are sharing it with me :3

Your task is to Impress me!




I just wanted to scream into the void that I really miss squeezing and kicking balls.

Stomping on them. Seeing how they squishhhh underneath the heel of my foot. It is a shame they are not a little easier to pop. 😦

at the feet of a goddess.

yummy cummies


I feel like I am close to forgetting the details of my most memorable experience as a Domme. It truly is a shame I haven’t lived another experience as thrilling as the one I have yet to finish telling.

Very random sidenote, but men truly are the simplest creatures.

The story left off with Chrissy and me sitting in his European car. Estaba bien chiveado el señor. He was too embarrassed to look me in the eyes for longer than a second or two, I obviously relished the fact that I was making him squirm without him actually flailing about. I cant help but giggle when I notice how pathetic he turns for me.

We were parked behind a sex shop, so it was mandatory that I make his bitch ass buy me things. Before heading into the store however, I asked him to show me the outfit he wore for me. He nervously laughed as he reached with his trembling hand towards the top button of his pressed dress shirt. After unbuttoning a few, he pulled opened his shirt and revealed to me a baby-pink, lacy bralette with the smallest triangle cups and chest jewelry.

I let Chrissy wear whatever accessories she wants when we play, because she buys me whatever I want whenever I ask; no hesitations.

We briefly caught up on vanilla things, as I sincerely care for each of my submissives. Then I told him I was ready to go to the store, and as we were about to go inside one of his clients who happened to be in the Cadillac parked behind us called him over. Knowing how skittish my boi could be, and his vanilla lifestyle so I went in without him. I knew he would soon follow. I shopped around, my eyes skimming for toys that I know would make my sissy squirm with delight or bleat for me.

I had just chosen one or two things for myself, insignificant things really, by the time Chrissy came into the store. She looked really nervous, but I of course, always know the right things to say. It took only a moment or two to get her docile and in her right state of mind again. I had been eyeing a clit cage for a little bit, and at the register it dawned on me that I wanted it for my mischievous plans later in the evening.

Our cashier was a very sweet and shy seeming girl, probably no older than 25. She seemed more shy than the other workers at the shop that I had interacted with, anyways. I didn’t ask her to show me the cage, but made Chrissy ask. It was really funny seeing a trial attorney stutter out ” may I please see the cock cage” while his face turned a bright shade of red.

Our cashier seemed conflicted as to whether it was okay to laugh or not, because I can imagine from an outside perspective it may appear my poor Chrissy was in an abusive relationship with me, which is simply not the case. In my effort to give her the okay to laugh, as she went around the counter to get the display item, I sternly and loudly said “Don’t just stand there, go help her get it!” to Chrissy who quickly turned his heels to follow her. It was after I said this that she laughed liberally, which made my boi nervously smile at me.

After our purchase, we went back to his car and it was decided (I decided) that we were to head out to LA for the evening! One of my favorite cities.

I made him strip out of his work clothes for me in the parking lot, forcing him to drive us to the Mondrian in his baby-pink thong and bra set.

Experiences like these make me love my life 🙂

As per usual, not done. Roughly written; Too many details I have yet to share and will refine




virtual kisses, besitos, petit bisou pour mes chiens


sabra Dios

you continue to fester in my brain, therefore I remain completely fixated on you.

I hope my neighbors heard us that time I invited you over, so they can understand why I was crying last night listening to romantic Spanish songs.

At first, I would pretend to be surprised to when I noticed you were hard around me. But you got stiff for me so often, that I would switch between teasing you about it or giving you reassurance. I loved feeling your big hand reach over to rub my pussy while we were headed toward somewhere ; I enjoy making you act irrationally. The moments you acted human are the ones that assure me that this is, or was, real.

Here I am trying to forget you but you are still constantly on my mind. Some people still think you’re my boyfriend, I cringe when they ask about you.

And to be honest, I only allowed you this deep into my life because I originally had the intention of using you, only to realize I was the one being used all along. But I love you so much, if we were to be together in the future, I would go in fully understanding the type of man you are.

I only have myself to blame for falling deeply in love with you. Nothing makes my heart race faster than a man who can potentially put me in my place and hurt me.

In a conversation with someone, they brought up indigeneity and futurism; is our relationship not similar to the conquistador with with indigenous mistress, did I not aid you in your pursuit of the world. And like her, was I not fucked over by my lover. What do I have to show? Those 3 or 4 pair of fancy shoes you bought me, the expensive coat, the fine dinners, the trips? At least she bore his first child. You took what I could give and left me bare.

If you were just playing with me, then you are terrible for talking about having a kid with me. I told you if you didn’t want kids ever, then this will not work. Your response was that you were open to it, but after a discussion. You said if you didn’t have kids with me, you wouldn’t have kids with anyone else; which probably just meant that you never had any intentions of having children with me or anyone.

I apologize, I am just trying to make sense of all of this.

On the other hand, I can’t help but also think that we are both sick fucks. I can’t imagine anyone else you have met in your past or will met in the future can rock you with a strap on the way I can. Or ride you like I can. I love you so much to the point I’ve become submissive to you and I know you’ve noticed. If mentally torturing me like this pleases you, then I can’t help but oblige just a little. – H


Most of you are of feeble minds and character, which is understandable.

Providing sweet submissives the possibility to read the smut they desire.



dans ta tête

Dream of me, think of me. Tell me a fantasy of yours and I'll write a yummy story inspired by as me as the protagonist. Let me make you leak with my prose. Upon payment, email me at with screenshot of payment and 2-3 sentences briefly describing the prompt. 100-300 words 1 to 3 weeks delivery (published post) PROHIBITED: HARD LIMITS ON INTEREST PAGE. CNC OK